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Keycare works with large and mid-sized organizations in a variety of industries and endeavors, including private and public companies and all levels of government (federal, provincial and municipal). Through experience, it has found that most business planning is best to start off using a simplified business plan format, then build upon that document to develop the larger, more developed business plan - tailored to its purpose and audience. Keycare works closely with the management team throughout both of these steps.

Simplified Business Plan


Describe the 'business' in a few well-constructed sentences.


Describe the areas necessary to achieve the Vision.


"SMART" objectives: specific, measurable, action-oriented, include results, time-based.


Statements that set direction, philosophy, values and methodology for building the business and managing the organization. Use 4-6 core strategies.


Action steps necessary to implement the overall plan. Include completion dates.

  1. Marketing Plan
  2. Operational Plan
  3. Human Resources Plan
  4. Financial Plan