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The strategic planning process used by Keycare is both systematic and freewheeling. In its 'out-of-the-box' mode, generally in the early stages, Keycare blends its experience with imagination and creativity. In its disciplined mode, Keycare is focused and coordinates the process in a methodical manner.

The Keycare process is designed to foster broad involvement that:

  • Identifies the current and likely challenges and opportunities in the company’s environment
  • Affirms the central values of the company
  • Articulates those values in revised goals and objectives
  • Identifies highest priority strategic actions that achieve results
  • Identifies the criteria and business planning process and guides implementation activities
  • Identifies an ongoing process of review and revision of the company’s highest priorities and,
  • Specifies the process through which progress in implementing the Strategic Plan will be assessed

What you should expect from Keycare – your strategy planning professional:

  • focus efforts on what is most important to future success
  • improve tomorrow's results through efficient and effective strategic management
  • take control of destiny by establishing a lean, effective strategy process that fits the business
  • reach and stretch for higher levels of attainment
  • deal with rapidly changing developments that will confront business in the coming years
  • translate the company vision into personal involvement and alignment for your employees
  • generate motivation enthusiasm and commitment
  • achieve the business' highest potential
  • accomplish all of this without interfering with the conduct of the business.

Strategic Planning Model

Keycare's strategic planning process covers the entire spectrum of issues – from the view at 50,000 feet (who we are, what we do) to the specific steps necessary for the execution of action plans.

Strategic Planning Model