Public Safety

Keycare Ltd. has developed considerable experience working with First Nations, First Nations Policing, and Law Enforcement. The breadth of experience includes First Nations economic development projects, project management for the implementation of the First Nations Police Services, and First Nations Police Services operational reviews and workload assessments. Keycare has worked with various organizations at all levels – Police Officers, Chief of Police, Police Commission, all levels of government, the RCMP, and First Nations Regional Councils.

The project management role for First Nations policing role works very closely and alongside the various stakeholders to plan, organize, direct and control the implementation of the police service. This project management approach has proven to be extremely successful as it puts in place effective and efficient project management methods and approaches that are combined with experience in First Nations, First Nations policing and general law enforcement and policing.

The operational review and workload assessment for First Nations policing provides an objective process to assess resource management and service delivery, through verifying compliance with standards, and through a systematic practice of checking and interviewing operations and management personnel. The operational review process provides a proven assessment methodology that provides input to assist with the police service’s quest for continuous quality improvement for all aspects of their policing, including documentation management system, written directives, policies and procedures, training, clearly-defined lines of authority, facilities and equipment, and reports that support decision-making and resource allocation. The operational review also indentifies and encourages administrative improvements, greater accountability from supervisors, as well as increased community support.