Technology Commercialization

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Commercialization 'really' begins when technology meets market demand. The fundamental principle to transition into a mainstream market for a new product/technology is to target a specific niche market as the point of attack and focus considerable resources (if not all) on achieving a dominant leadership position in that segment.

Experience has proven, for successful technology commercialization, a systematic process improves the likelihood of product development and market success. While the process may appear to be linear (a series of steps performed by people in different functions), in a practical setting it is a series of overlapping phases that involve many business functions simultaneously. A defined strategy for the business improves the success of technology commercialization

Keycare has the experience to:

  • Validate commercialization – determine business potential of technology justifies commercialization.
  • Assess utility of the technology – determine technology directly addresses known and specific problems, and meets industry needs.
  • Target commercialization – focus on those specific markets, industries or industrial sectors which can utilize the technology in the short to mid-term. This should include customers, co-developers, licensees, partnerships or alliances.
  • Initiate commercial actions – a clear path to commercialization. Take critical pre-commercialization steps to determine technical and economic feasibility