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Applying traditional market segmentation analysis does not normally work to determine market share for new product/technology, as numeric market forecast information for new technology can not be based on traditional, multiple assumptions.

We need to approach this from a different vantage point - isolating a few high quality target customers that can be characterized and named. The following are product development/technology commercialization examples where Keycare used this process:

  • Heated / Cooling Suit
    Speciality construction worker specialty clothing for extended working in cold and hot temperatures
  • Hotwire
    Unique device for cellular phones to increase their at-home hands-free and recharging capabilities
  • Rail Radar®
    Advanced systems for automated, criteria-based systems for the railroad's tie and ballast assessment
  • Geo Synthetic Super Absorbent Polymer Lining
    Landfill conttainment liner and buidling construction application that absorbed liquid many times that of traditional amterials and a fraction of the weight
  • Encrypted Data transfer
    Secure transfer around the world of extremely large amounts of data and financial information