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Keycare's clients recognize and value our meticulous and detailed project management approach.

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Keycare's knowledge and experience allows for a single minded purpose in meeting all of our clients’ goals in the most cost efficient manner and without sacrificing any client objectives.

  • Ensures priorities are strategically based - ability to effectively link operational initiatives to strategic priorities.
  • Analytical problem solver with the ability to resolve complex issues and develop realistic solutions.
  • Ability to demonstrate an effective understanding of key stakeholder structure and processes.
  • Capable of using industry best practices, while being an innovative leader with the ability to adapt and respond creatively in a fast changing environment.
  • Decision maker with the ability to make quick decisions in a complex environment.
  • Demonstrated ability to build a strong team and foster and support a collaborative working culture.
  • Has an open communication style and encourages goal achievement, coaches and monitors performance.
  • Strong facilitation skills - influencer with the ability to achieve a positive impact on decisions and actions.
  • Builds and sustains effective working relationships and deals well with various 'political' sensitivities.
  • Deals with conflict positively and supports others to resolve differences.
  • Experience managing multiple, concurrent projects.

Why Choose Keycare...We Provide Added Value – we aggressively work to save money and promote and maintain the established project schedule. We have the experience to provide innovative and proactive solutions:

  • Develop and issue necessary requests for proposals delineating the scope of work required and parameters of the project.
  • Negotiate contract terms and conditions. Establish detailed cost and quality guidelines.
  • Establish detailed project schedules and communication protocol.
  • Monitor performance and contractual obligations, and aggressively control fees and change requests.
  • Monitor performance, evaluate quality and ensure appropriate coordination between all parties.
  • Control project costs and expenditures.
  • Project status and budget reports.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Our total commitment to excellence compels us to go above and beyond the specifics of the contract to ensure that the Client is completely satisfied with our performance. We commit to our Clients that we will strive to complete their project to their best interests.

Keycare's Project Management service provides the comprehensive management for all aspects of a project, from conception through design to planning and execution.

The primary objectives are to plan,co-ordinate and control, through the application of sound management techniques, throughout all aspects of the project, and to produce the desired outcome within the set out specifications, schedule and budget.

Keycare's Project Management approach considers:

Basic Requirements:

  • Establishing a program that meets the requirements and ensures effective control
  • Defining all management and technical functions
  • Ensuring that all project systems and procedures are properly applied throughout the project
  • Establishing the responsibilities of all parties
  • Assessing scope changes and making recommendations where necessary
  • Assessing the status of the work and establishing and administering quality assurance and control programs

General Functions:

  • Defining the requirements
  • Functional programming
  • Selection of consultants
  • Conceptual design and planning
  • Liaison with authorities having jurisdiction
  • Budgeting and cost controls
  • Project accounting
  • Scheduling
  • Reporting and maintenance of records
  • Project organization and administration
  • Preparation of design and contract documents
  • Procurement and expediting
  • Selection of contractors and contract awards
  • Quality assurance and control
  • Commissioning and warranties
  • Project publicity and public relations
  • Safety program

View the "Related Documents" at the top right of this page to download the Project Management Phases with Key Performance Indicators utilized by Keycare, and Requirements and a Keycare Project Management Contract.

Example: Requirements - Project Management Contract


  • Need for change
  • Core principles as basis for analysis and recommendations
  • Collaborative process and systems approach to ensure balanced opportunity for input and feedback
  • Effective project management is critical to the success of an "operational-type" review due to the need for structure and discipline when using a team of specialists
  • The project management approach well be supported by a well defined set of project management and execution methodologies and best practices
  • Regular communications and project status reports are important

Terms of Reference for Review:

  • Community input process
  • Strategic plans– existence, clarity and viability (i.e. its connection with the community)
  • Operational review to determine how well the plan and execution of the delivery model meets the stated requirements in an efficient and effective manner
  • Organizational capability and capacity review to determine how well it meets the strategic and operational plans
  • Administrative policies and procedures
  • Financial budgets

Review Committee:

  • Establish a process that provides direction and oversight for the review project with roles, responsibilities, accountabilities and authorities
  • Receives updates and provides input and feedback
  • Reviews and approves recommendations

Scope of Work for the Project Review Manager and Team:

  • Develop scope and manage change of scope
  • Develop project charter
  • Work breakdown structures and project plans
  • Project monitoring and reporting
  • Research: compile, comparison, and analysis (including financials)
  • Cost benefit analysis to ensure efficiency and effectiveness
  • Document research, findings, and recommendations
  • Risk and issues analysis and management
  • Action Plan with communications strategy

Project Charter:

  • A project charter is created to ensure everyone with a stake in the success of the project review shares a common understanding of the following:
    • Why the review is being undertaken
    • The goals of the review process
    • The phases of the project
    • The expected results
    • How, through whom, and over what time frame those results will be developed
    • How issues raised during the review will be managed
  • Stakeholders – identify the primary stakeholders for the review
  • Develop the project review organization chart

Evaluation Criteria – examples:

  • Develop areas for measurement and specific indicators of success. For example:
    • Ability to meet and service needs
    • Ability to meet operational requirements
    • Resource allocation to match workload
    • Equipment availability
    • Training needs
    • Supervision and communication
    • Level and quality of service

Project Methodology:

  • Internal review strategies
    • For a collaborative process
    • Conduct internal interviews
    • Conduct focus groups with management teams
    • Identify concerns
  • External review strategies
    • Identify best practices and strategies
    • SWOT analysis

Action plan:

  • Based on recommendations and approval from review process
  • Identifies the tasks to be completed - by whom and when
  • Internal and external communication plan to keep stakeholders informed

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