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"Ledcor had a positive experience with Tom Keogh, the principal of Keycare Ltd. The strategic planning and action plan process became the basis for us to move forward on all fronts. We were most impressed with the straightforward and fact-based approach…the recommendations were definitely actionable that we were able to put into practice quickly and effectively. The extent of Tom’s involvement also assisted to answer demanding questions, and to question challenging answers. Great job…solid work with a value-added experience for our company."
Don Breen, President
Ledcor Industrial

"Tom Keogh and Keycare has the 'formula' for getting things done to assist organizations through complex projects, such as the one they did for us as the Project Manager with the set-up and implementation of the First Nations police service, the Lakeshore Regional Police Service. This was evident through their combination of related experience and skills, not to mention managing and working well with the many stakeholders involved. Excellent job of keeping everyone involved, informed and on track – your role and contribution was invaluable."
Dale Cox, Chief of Police
Lakeshore Regional Police Service

"Tom Keogh and Keycare delivered exceptional value for Canada Place Corporation. Keycare's process was an effective step-by-step progression and the final ‘product’ had many actionable recommendations. Tom continued to work with Canada Place Corporation to assist the manager’s with their planning and implementation of the action plans. In addition to providing world class business consultation, Tom took the time to fully understand our challenges. Keycare delivered on time and on budget and played a pivotal role in setting the future of our organization."
Mike Shardlow, CEO
Canada Place Corporation

"As a newly formed organization, Tom Keogh and Keycare helped us focus on the future for Tourism Burnaby. Their insight delivered ideas and helped to uncover new potential and provided a means to unify our perspective with the many stakeholders involved. Tom and Keycare were quick to address our issues and got right to the job. Their process was well planned out – they presented and delivered with professionalism, acted effectively, and took the time to understand our challenges and requirements. They were a top notch, enthusiastic team, a pleasure to work with, and we are very happy with the service we received."
Matthew Coyne, Executive Director
Tourism Burnaby

"As the moderator for our national conference, Tom Keogh/Keycare was thorough in his preparation, kept the conference on schedule (in a smooth manner, taking a non-rushed approach), and was superb working with everyone involved. What made a difference was Tom’s desire to understand the client needs, make suggestions and recommendations for additional detailed items that made the conference better, recognize the cultures of those attending, and his flexibility. Tom and Keycare were a creative contributor to achieving the desired objectives of the conference. We were extremely pleased with Tom’s contribution and involvement – you could not ask for more."
Louis J. Lauzière, Senior Policy Advisor, Strategic Policy Branch, Corrections, Public Safety and Policing
Government of Saskatchewan

"The Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation needed to take a fresh look at our strategic planning process and strategic plan. Tom Keogh and Keycare laid out a very clear yet detailed process that worked, and ensured that our organization’s leaders, members, and stakeholders were engaged. Keogh/Keycare effectively guided us through the process, helped us zero-in on the priorities, and develop a strategic plan that is well-suited and practical - best of all, they got our management team involved in developing and delivering the Action Plans from the Goals and Objectives. Their flexibility, creativity, team approach and focus made all the difference - they exceeded our expectations."
Andrew Otway, President & CEO,
Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation

"Tom Keogh and his company Keycare Ltd were brought into All Weather Windows to assist to us in developing our Vision, Goals and Objectives. Tom helped us bring focus to our needs through strategic planning, and followed through in assisting and supporting our management team with their Action Plans. His process is compact and practical. Tom has a good sense of what works and provided the needed structure and his business-coaching style provided great value to our team. "

"Tom also assisted with the redesign of the approach and business framework for one of All Weather Window’s operating divisions."

"His commitment and enthusiasm to the project was excellent and we continue to benefit from the knowledge and experience that he brought into our company."

Richard Scott, President,
All Weather Windows